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Game dishes
Whole wild mallard roasted with sage and rosemary in 'Kadarka' wine sauce with potato doughnuts and Jerusalem artichoke puree 
3900 HUF
Prime cut pheasant roasted in beehive oven served with ramsons-chanterelle ragout and homemade potato flatbread
2900 HUF
Wild boar haunch stewed in Dijon mustard served with wide noodles in 'Chardonnay' wine sauce with green seasonings
2550 HUF
Wild boar stew with porcini mushrooms served with Hungarian dill-dumplings in creamy ewe cottage cheese sauce
2250 HUF
Haunch of venison stewed in red wine served with homemade potato croquettes and blueberry marmalade*
2550 HUF
Saddle of venison barded with 'Mangalica' pork lard roasted on grill plate served with grilled vegetables, spicy potatoes and Transylvanian rosehip sauce
4200 HUF
Venison tenderloin striped in 'Stroganoff' style served with homemade 'Tarhonya' noodles (egg barleys) seasoned with truffle and thyme*
3900 HUF
2-person-plate for Huntsmen
6600 HUF
Dishes marked with * are available in small portions for 70% of the basic price.
Dishes in the menu can be changed during holidays depending on facilities of purchase. Thank you for understanding. Prices are given in HUF and include VAT
Tamás Balázs
Master Chef 
Ferenc Tóth Jr.
Mo: 12.00-22.00 Tu,We: closed Th,F,Sa,Su: 12.00-22.00
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